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New Twitter

I’m working on some new projects right now. But in the meantime, follow me on Twitter here: @cynthiachioma_

Revamp: I need you! and online magazine

Heart of Afrika is currently undergoing a revamp and is turning into an online magazine featuring the lifestyle of all Africans at home and abroad! I’m looking for ways to improve the blog until then, so that means that I need your suggestions and input. I’ll be displaying fashion, models, beauty, art, music/musicians and more! Anyone can submit content. More info will be coming soon. (I’m also looking for a “staff” of writers and photographers?) I’ll also be featuring a photo gallery section for anyone and everyone to represent their nation.

I’ve got a lot planned for the site, so stay tuned and make sure that you follow my blog for the latest updates! 

My Twitter is down currently but will be up again soon.

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(Maybe I’ll run some contests in the future ^_^)

We are young, proud Africans and we will not go unnoticed! Let’s celebrate Africa and show everyone what they’re missing!

Visit the site and ask questions, or contact me.

Thursday, June 28, 2012